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Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit, Lincoln University, P O Box 85084, Lincoln 7647, NEW ZEALAND.

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Paul’s latest book is Wellbeing Economics: The Capabilities Approach to Prosperity, published in September 2018 as an Open Access Pivot by Palgrave Macmillan which you can download by clicking here. This free eBook shows why it is important to put wellbeing firmly in the forefront of economic and social policy, and how that will translate into better lives. In the first two months of publication there were 10,185 chapter downloads making it the most downloaded Palgrave Pivot book published in 2018. In New Zealand and around the world, a lot of important work is being done to implement wellbeing economics in public policy. The three authors of Wellbeing Economics: The Capabilities Approach to Prosperity (Paul Dalziel, Caroline Saunders and Joe Saunders) are pleased to be part of the wider research community supporting that work.

You can also read a blog by Paul by clicking here: Dalziel RSA Blog Post 2018