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We welcome undergraduate, Master and PhD students as members and offer a variety of professional development training, mentored publishing platforms for presenting work to international audiences, and opportunities to network with researchers and policymakers. From £17 per year for new members.

Image - Networking and Community

Networking and Community

  • Benefit from on demand and live professional development training via the Professional Development webinars
  • Access on demand presentations by acclaimed experts in the field via the RSA Webinar Series such as the Regions, Cities and Industry webinars
  • Reach a global audience of academics, policymakers and practitioners at RSA events and via our publications
  • Connect with others via RSA funded research networks, search the Expert Register and network via the RSA’s Engagement and Events App (RSA Hub)
  • Link up and extend your networks via the RSA’s International divisions, country sections, ambassadors and UK Sub-National branches
  • Join the RSA email list to receive our monthly e-Bulletin: All entries are moderated
  • Publish in the RSA Blog and share your research / insights with the global RSA community
  • Connect with others via the Student and Early Career Facebook group
Image - Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

  • Up to £10,000 of renewable Research Network funding to organise events to discuss key questions in your area of interest
  • Up to £15,000 for a Policy Expo grant to connect your work and wider communities to societal questions and policy needs
  • Apply for conference bursaries taking the form of a free conference place at RSA conferences
  • Up to £500 Travel Grant towards travel costs when attending a non-RSA event**
  • Apply for the Nathaniel Lichfield Award (recent Masters students) for a chance to win £500 and a certificate, and up to £200 discretionary fund toward attending the RSA President’s Event** in that year (transport costs)
  • Apply for the Paul Benneworth PhD Student Award for a chance to win £500 and a certificate, and up to £200 discretionary fund toward attending the RSA President’s Event** in that year (transport costs)
Image - Publications


  • Annual subscription of Regional Studies (12 issues)
  • Annual subscription of Spatial Economic Analysis (4 issues)
  • Annual subscription of Territory, Politics, Governance (8 issues)
  • Regional Studies, Regional Science (Open access journal, online)
  • Annual subscription of Area Development and Policy (4 issues, 1 volume)
  • Regions eZine, the Association’s e-magazine (online only)
  • Access to 23 subject-related e-journals
  • Policy Impact books (online and hard copy)

As a PhD student, you want to learn more about your discipline’s broad areas of study, participate in academic discussions, interact with other students, attend conferences and become a well-informed academician. One can support their academic path at RSA, one of the world’s top learning associations. As a student member of RSA, I have access to RSA journals that offer rigorous academic discussion, participate in various professional development webinars, and write a blog that gives researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers in regional studies a platform to share their research findings. Additionally, a PhD student might benefit from various options such as APC waiver discounts, travel funds, etc. There is no other venue for students to develop and support their academic journeys than the RSA, and skipping the RSA would result in a substantial loss of opportunity.

Sugam Agarwal, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India

RSA PhD Student member and Annual Conference Bursary winner, Sergio Palomeque describes what he enjoys about his RSA Membership.

Sergio Palomeque, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

As a young researcher, you have different challenges. One of the biggest is to get in touch with fellow researchers and learn from their experience in one way or the other. Another very important one is access to white papers and journals. As an RSA member, I found some answers to these challenges. First, networking opportunities are a huge boost for any researcher and especially the different type of webinars offered me a great deal of value. Second, access to different annual subscriptions proved to be vital for me and I perceive them as another great benefit of being an RSA member.


Alexandra Colcer, Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai, România
Image - Opportunities & Development

Opportunities & Development

  • Participate in professional development training sessions and access on demand recordings of the professional development webinars
  • Present your work and network at our friendly, open and interdisciplinary conferences and webinars
  • Get actively involved with your Association – we welcome pro-active membership – to shape the field and support innovation
  • Win one of a number of prizes awarded each year by the Association and take part in some of the judging
  • Use of the post-nominal MeRSA or FeRSA following your family name
  • Build a global reputation via RSA article marketing and recognition through RSA awards
  • Publish via the student and early career mentored publishing route with waived Article Processing Charge (APC) for those who are accepted for the mentored papers section in Regional Studies, Regional Science
  • Apply for the post of Student representative on the RSA board
  • Apply to become an RSA ambassador or territorial chair
  • Participate in the RSA’s Online Writing Group
  • Apply to become an RSA journal, Blog, Regions editor
  • Benefit from knowledge exchange activities at EU level via the RSA’s European Foundation (RSA Europe)
Image - Discounts


  • 20% discount off Article Processing Charge (APC) when publishing in the Open Access journal Regional Studies, Regional Science for RSA members (who should be members at the point of submission and acceptance of an article. Please email us at for the discount code)
  • Obtain discounted members’ rates to RSA conferences
  • 30% discount on books and e-books in the Association’s Regions and Cities Series
  • 30% discount on all subject-related Taylor and Francis Books including Routledge
  • 30% discount on all subject-related Edward Elgar Publications books
  • 35% discount on selected subject-related Wiley books
  • 35% discount on all books from Policy Press at the University of Bristol
New Members
£ 62
£ 47
£ 33
£ 17
Renewing Members
£ 56
£ 42
£ 30
£ 15
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The student rate is for full-time students only and proof may be requested.

Join the RSA

Membership fees are for one year on a rolling basis (this means your membership will expire a full year from when you join). Membership is open to all.

Country band is determined by place of residence (not place of origin).

Those renewing their membership are eligible for a 10% discounted rate. You have the option to pay for multiple years in advance, taking advantage of the 10% discount and this year’s fee for several years. Please email Alex if this is something you wish to arrange, or if you wish to pay via Direct Debit.

Online payments by credit or debit cards are made in Sterling and we can provide an invoice for bank transfer payments.

If you have any membership queries please contact us on +44 (0)1273 698 017 or e-mail

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