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Retired / Emeritus

Retired/Emeritus membership is for members who have retired from full-time work. From £24 per year for new members

Image - Networking and Community

Networking and Community

  • Access our Regions, Cities and Industry webinars on demand
  • Reach a global audience of academics, policymakers and practitioners at RSA conferences and via our publications.
  • Access our Professional Development webinars on demand
  • International territorial networks: extend your networks via the RSA’s international divisions, country sections and UK-sub national branches.
  • Search our expert register, available through our RSA lounge.
  • Join the RSA email network to receive the monthly E-Bulletin: All entries are moderated
  • Publish on or stay updated with the RSA blog
  • Annual president’s event (high profile networking and awards dinner) – free to attend for members
Image - Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

  • *Up to £4,000 for a Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry
  • *Up to £7,500 for a Fellowship Research grant (FeRSA)
  • *Up to £10,000 of renewable research network funding to bring people together to discuss key questions in your area of interest
  • *Up to £15,000 for a Policy Expo grant to connect your work and wider communities to societal questions and policy needs
  • *Apply for a Travel Grant, which offers up to £500 towards travel costs when attending a non-RSA event
  • Apply for conference bursaries taking the form of a free conference place at RSA conferences.
  • * Please note that the researcher needs to be employed through the HEI for insurance and ethics reasons during the whole period of grant funding. It is the responsibility of the HEI to ensure that the research is organised and undertaken within a framework of best practice that recognises the various factors, including rigour, respect and responsibility, that may influence or impact on a research project.
Image - Publications


  • Annual subscription of ‘Regional Studies’ (both print and online)
  • Annual subscription of ‘Spatial Economic Analysis’ (both print and online)
  • Annual subscription of ‘Territory, Politics, Governance’ (both print and online)
  • Access to ‘Regional Studies, Regional Science’ (Open access journal, online)
  • Annual subscription of ‘Area Development and Policy’ (both print and online)
  • Regions eZine, the Association’s magazine (online only)
  • Access to 23 subject-related e-journals
  • Policy Expo publications (both online and hard copy)
  • 20% discount off RSRS APCs for RSA members (who should be members at the point of submission and acceptance of an article)

It is splendid to have the RSA and its work as a constant light-house in a constantly changing sea. What is most valuable is the constant effort of international members to address practical problems and government authorities in their respective countries.

Alan Townsend, Emeritus Professor, Durham University, UK
Image - Opportunities & Development

Opportunities & Development

  • Present your work and network at our open and friendly conferences.
  • Get actively involved with your Association – we welcome pro-active membership – to shape the field and support innovation.
  • Win one of a number of prizes awarded each year by the Association and take part in some of the judging.
  • Nominate a candidate for the Annual RSA awards.
  • Use of the post-nominal MeRSA or FeRSA following your family name.
  • Apply to become an RSA Ambassador or Territorial Chair.
Image - Discounts


  • 20% discount off Article Processing Charge (APC) when publishing in the Open Access journal Regional Studies, Regional Science for RSA members (who should be members at the point of submission and acceptance of an article. Please email us at for the discount code)
  • Obtain discounted rates to RSA conferences.
  • 20% discount off Article Processing Charge (APC) when publishing in the Open Access journal Regional Studies, Regional Science for RSA members (who should be members at the point of submission and acceptance of an article)
  • 30% discount on books and e-books in the association’s ‘Regions and Cities’ series.
  • 30% discount on all subject related Taylor and Francis books including Routledge.
  • 30% discount on all subject related Edward Elgar Publications books.
  • 35% discount on selected subject related Wiley books.
  • 35% discount on all books from ‘Policy Press’ at the University of Bristol.
New Members
£ 86
£ 65
£ 45
£ 24
Renewing Members
£ 77.40
£ 58.50
£ 40.50
£ 21.60
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If your country/territory is not listed, please call us on +44 (0)1273 698 017 or email to and we will give you a quote.
Please note: Data for China does not include Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China, Macao, unless otherwise noted.

Join the RSA

Membership fees are for one year on a rolling basis (this means your membership will expire a full year from when you join). Membership is open to all.

Country band is determined by place of residence (not place of origin).

Those renewing their membership are eligible for a 10% discounted rate. The current rates remain unchanged for 2021. Please see below for 2022 rates:

Band A B C D   Band A B C D
2022 Fee for New Members  












2022 Fee for Renewing Members £79.20 £60.30 £41.40 £22.50

Online payments by credit or debit cards are made in Sterling and we can provide an invoice for bank transfer payments.

If you have any membership queries please contact us on +44 (0)1273 698 017 or e-mail

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