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2024 Central and Eastern European Special Sessions

As part of the 2024 Central and Eastern European Conference, we welcome proposals for Special Sessions. Special Sessions are a great way to bring together presenters to discuss and highlight a particular topic to develop or further extend your network. Please submit your proposals by 16th April 2024. We offer two types of Special Sessions:
1. Open Special Session – the session organiser proposes a topic and provides a short description/call for submissions. Delegates can submit their abstract for this session when they register for the conference.
2. Closed Session – the session organiser proposes the complete session including all speakers. Other delegates may not submit their abstracts for this session. Please note that all speakers need to register to be able to present.
Both sessions are open to all delegates to attend as the audience.
Once your Special Session proposal has been accepted, we will add it to the conference’s page and promote it. As the session’s organiser, we would be grateful if you could also spread the word to interested researchers via your networks.
After the general abstract submission deadline has closed, you will receive all abstracts submitted to your session for your review. After reviewing the abstracts, the next step will be to send the accepted abstracts in the order you wish to have them in your Special Session to the RSA. The actual scheduling of the programme will then be done by the RSA.
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