The RSA journals - A Brief Guide to…

As a learned association, the Regional Studies Association involves itself in the dissemination of new knowledge and understanding across the multidisciplinary fields that are regional studies and regional science.  Through its conferences and events, academics and practitioners get the opportunity for face-to-face networking, exchanging of ideas and debating the current and emerging topics within the field.  But it is through our publications that the widest audience is reached; from our individual members through to those accessing the journals through their institutional or corporate memberships.  This article summarises the focus of each journal, their impact factors and where they are indexed.  Of course, for those of you who are keen to publish, please visit the relevant journal pages on our website for more details about topics, themes and submissions.

Regional Studies 

Regional Studies is our leading international journal covering theoretical developments, empirical analysis and policy debates across the interdisciplinary fields of regional studies. The distinctive purpose of RS is to systematically connect the insights from different disciplines to help in the understanding of how and why regions and cities evolve, and in publishing original research which spans the economic, social, political and environmental dimensions of urban and regional (subnational) change, RS helps distil how economic and political processes and outcomes are contingent upon regional and local circumstances.

Spatial Economic Analysis 

Spatial Economic Analysis is our pioneering economics journal dedicated to the development of theory and methods in spatial economics.  As spatial perspectives and spatial econometrics become increasingly recognised as a valuable sub-discipline among mainstream econometricians, the emergence of ‘geographical economics’ has stimulated new theoretical tools, analytical methods, models and techniques of spatial data analysis and data visualisation. SEA welcomes the development, testing and application of theories of ‘new economic geography’ and policy-oriented papers within the broad sphere of spatial economics.

Territory, Politics, Governance 

Territory, Politics, Governance is our interdisciplinary journal committed to the development of theory and research in territorial politics and governance of space. This journal creates a platform on which to explore interfaces between territory, economy, identity and the organisation of political space. It confronts topical and emerging issues of world economic and political concern and encourages contributions that promote communication across spatial and disciplinary borders.

Regional Studies, Regional Science 

Regional Studies, Regional Science is our interdisciplinary open access journal which examines regional issues across the broad interdisciplinary fields of economics, geography, planning and political science. The journal welcomes research articles and shorter policy briefings, with the new ‘regional graphics’ section reflecting the growing importance of data visualisation. We offer potential authors the opportunity to reach as wide an audience as possible through this open access publishing route.

Area Development and Policy 

Area Development and Policy is our relatively new journal that engages the development of the global South/Greater BRICS and transformation of the modern world. It examines relationships between economic and political organisations, governance, ways of life and work, as shaped by the inter-relationships between regions, cities and rural areas. ADP recognises that research and theory can be contextually based using different national and regional configurations, values and experience, and not always confined to those of Northwest Europe and North America. ADP aims to expand common ground while accepting the differences, to improve and increase mutual communication, cooperation and shared learning across different economic, political, cultural and geographical contexts.

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