Leadership and Urban and Regional Development (Research network)


Joyce Liddle, Teesside Business School, UK
John Diamond, Edge Hill University Business School, UK
John Shutt, CURDS, University of Newcastle, UK
Oto Potluka, Economics University, Prague, Czech Republic
John Gibney, University of Birmingham, UK
Markku Sotarauta, Tampere University, Finland
Andrew Beer, University of Adelaide, Australia
Ina Horlings, University of Wageningen, the Netherlands


The purpose of this research network will be to build on existing contacts between earlier RSA Networks leadership (Place Leadership, Sotaurata et al, Citizen driven and collective leadership, Liddle et al, Leadership in Euro peripheries, Sirak et al, Networked leadership and innovation, Sotaurata et al) to create greater understanding, develop further joint publications, and build future research potential. In sharing understanding of leadership in numerous global settings we can develop common theoretical, conceptual and methodological frameworks. This is especially pertinent in a field that has been largely dominated by Anglo-American business and management approaches, and we anticipate that seminars will enable established and early career researchers to better understand theories, concepts and methodological developments that are shaping new approaches to leadership in urban and regional contexts. Global economic downturns and increased citizen demands are forcing governments to seek new understandings on the importance of developing urban and regional ‘places’. Though numerous experiments in governance involving citizens are illuminating some of the strengths and weaknesses of current approaches, it is essential that scholars are equipped with state of the art knowledge of current theories and methodologies on ‘how’ leadership approaches aid or frustrate development and transformation. New perspectives on leadership will support academics, policy makers and practitioners at a crucial point as global public resources are shrinking and public finance are ever more constrained.



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