Oladayo Ramon Ibrahim


Oladayo Ramon Ibrahim

Department of Urban & Regional Planning, School, of Environmental Studies, Lagos State Polytechnic

My country is a multi-tribe and Multi-language country.  Therefore, English Language is the official language of the country.

In my position as a country representative or ambassador of RSA for Nigeria, my goal is to lift the regional planning practice in Nigeria and sell the RSA idea to the generality of potential and interested persons in all sectors of Nigerian life. 

For the avoidance of doubt, Nigeria has about 100 universities with either department of Geography and Planning or department of Urban and Regional Planning or in many cases having both departments.  In addition, there are 95 polytechnics in Nigeria with more than three-quarters of them having department of Urban and Regional planning.   Academic Staff and students in Geography and Urban & Regional planning of these tertiary institutions are potential members for RSA that can be encouraged to be bonafide members.   Further, members of the public, in government, and civil society and other disciplines in Economics, Sociology, Political Science etc. could be encouraged to be member of RSA and what RSA stands for can be sold to them.

Therefore, it is my responsibility to encourage and facilitate potential members in Nigeria to be part of RSA community and to advise on the services it can offer internationally and to offer advice on sharing your own work with the association members. Hence questions on membership and other issues relating to RSA are welcome from all quarters.

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Lagos State Polytechnic, Sagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria

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