Dr Martin Korpi

EHFF, Institute for Economic and Business History Research, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

Dr Martin Korpi



Languages: Swedish, English, German.

Website: ratio.se/english


What project did the Early Career Grant allow you to pursue?

Research Title: Regional Migration Motives and the Urban Hierarchy

As a first part of the research that was supported by the RSA, I've studied economic outcomes of internal migration in Sweden. This has so far resulted in two papers: Paper no. one focuses on how migrant income development is related to average income gains of the population at large, short and longer term. The paper details how many migrants move for average or below average outcomes, both short and longer term, with the higher income gains mainly captured by the higher educated. The second paper models migrant income development at different percentiles of the income distribution and compares outcomes between regional migration and migration into larger metropolitan regions. Controlling for all other factors affecting income, the paper details how the big income gains are captured by those initially low in the income distribution as well as those heading into the three largest Swedish metropolitan regions, with regional migrants (a majority) not making significantly more than other comparable groups. 

As a second part of the supported research, I'm currently working on migrant career development in population growth regions. This work will be finished during late winter/early spring, 2015.

How did this grant help you further your career?

The Regional Studies Association's Early Career Grant allowed me to further develop my research networks, and facilitated cooperation around two distinct projects, while also allowing me to spend some time in a research environment of key importance in my work. It's a great opportunity!

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