Luisa Corrado

University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Luisa Corrado

Estimating Networks and Spatial Effects in the Social and Geographical Space

The RSA Membership Grant Scheme is an excellent opportunity offered by the RSA and an important step to consolidate my research profile within the area of spatial and network econometrics. The funded project is going to model the relative impact of social networks and spatial location on individual and aggregated measures of well‐being.  The approach consists of estimating a system of structural equations that model the relationships between separate life dimensions  (e.g. income, health, education, etc) and a latent well-being variable. The model set up will be further extended to incorporate both spatial and network effects allowing dynamic spillovers within and beyond group boundaries. This evolution may be, partly, a response to policy intervention (education spending, labour market policies, family policies, etc.) which can be beneficial or detrimental to the well‐being outcomes at various aggregation levels and also differ across them, i.e. within and between countries and regions. The plan is to allow policy‐makers to know where their countries stand on progress towards better lives, and also to make it possible to assess the determinants of this progress and the most effective policies to improve people's lives both at the national, local and individual level. Given the policy dimension of the funded project the RSA Membership Grant Scheme will offer a valuable support to disseminate the results at seminars, conference both to a technical and non‐technical audience and to further enhance the visibility of my research profile in the area. 

Luisa Corrado is Associate Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Department of Economics and Finance.
For further details on publications and current research see Luisa Corrado's personal website.

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