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Season’s Greetings - Andrew Beer, Chair of RSA

Seasonal words from Andrew Beer, Chair of the Regional Studies Association.

RSA 2013 European Conference received the ‘Tampere congress award 2013’

The Board of Tampere Convention Bureau decided to grant the 'Tampere congress award 2013' to the local organising committee for the RSA 2013 European Conference.

RSRS: Open access publishing and APC discounts for UK HEI

Did you know that our publisher Taylor and Francis has partnership and prepayment agreements for Open Access publishing with a number of UK HEI?

Territory, Politics, Governance’s Special Issue “Rescaling Interests” online now

TPG presents a collection of papers concerned with the relationship between territory and class and sector through a focus on the scales and rescaling of interest group representation in the politics of Italy (Lombardy, Compania, Tuscany), Spain (Catalonia, the Basque Country), Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia) and the UK (Scotland, South West England).

In memoriam Sergey S. Artobolevsky (1953‒2014)

Obituary written by Gyula Horvath, which records Sergey S. Artobolevsky's remarkable life. Sergey was the chair of the RSA Russia Division.

Regional Studies Association Open Access journal announces new Early Career Editor

The Regional Studies Association has announced the appointment of Dr Lee Pugalis as a new Early Career Editor to the editorial board of the flagship Open Access journal Regional Studies, Regional Science.

Report of the international seminar on Future of Cities

This report summarises the findings of a round table with a group of international experts representing local and national governments, academia and the private sector.

New Early Career Editor for Spatial Economic Analysis

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Pedro Amaral, Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil as the new Early Career Editor of Spatial Economic Analysis.

Opening of a new RSA China Division

The RSA is glad to announce the opening of a new RSA China Division.

The EU Commission has published the 6th Cohesion Report

The EU Commission has published the 6th Cohesion Report: Promoting development and good governance in EU regions and cities.

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