RSA Early Career Grant Scheme

Who is it for?

This award is open to single applicants in their early career (five years maximum between the date showing on the certificate and the application deadline). Applicants must be based within an eligible higher education institution (HEI) and must be a current, early career member of the Regional Studies Association and throughout the duration of the grant (please note that applicant may apply for membership at the same time as applying for the grant).

How does it work?

The RSA Early Career Grant is provided to support a discrete piece of regional studies and/or regional science research. The value of the grant is up to £10,000 (or its equivalent in dollars or euros depending upon the agreed exchange rate at the time of the award). The grant has a maximum time span of 18 months and reporting conditions apply. Only one grant will be made to any successful applicant.


The Regional Studies Association has earmarked up to £40,000 for the RSA Early Career Grants in 2014. This will be distributed across the one round of the competition but the allocation of monies will be determined by the quality of applications. The Association may choose to release further funds. The Scheme is expected  to continue in 2015 and more details will be announced in due to course. 

The full Terms and Conditions governing the grant will be provided to successful applicants as part of the formal offer, based on the general terms and conditions set out below.

Candidates should ensure that their application:


The Call for the September 2014 submissions is now closed.


Previous awards

Since the Early Career Grant Scheme was introduced in 2011, we have awarded the following researchers:

December 2011 round

Name: Darja Reuschke
Position: Marie Curie Fellow
Institution: TU Dortmund, Faculty of Spatial Planning, Germany
Title of Research: Housing Equity, Mortgage Crisis and Entrepreneurship

Name: Marcin Dabrowski
Position: Junior Researcher
Institution: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria
Title of Research: EU Cohesion Policies Spatial Support Instruments: Impacts and Added Value as in JESSICA and JASPERS in Central and Eastern European EU Member States

Name: Martin Korpi
Position: Assistant Researcher
Institution: Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
Title of Research: Regional Migration Motives and the Urban Hierarchy

Name: Kendra Strauss
Position: University Lecturer in Geography
Institution:  University of Cambridge, UK
Title of Research: It’s hard everywhere but this place is different: regional differences in non-standard work in the UK

June 2012 round

Name: Thomas Kemeny
Position: Research Assistant, Professor
Institution: Department of Public Policy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Title of Research: Leveraging the Economic Benefits of Cultural Diversity in Cities

Name: Pedro Marques (Video: Dr Pedro Marques on How the RSA Early Career Grant helped his career)
Position: Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Institution: University of Kiel, Germany
Title of Research: Innovation and global production networks: two case studies of traditional industries in Portugal

Name: Cathy Yang Liu
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA
Title of Research: The Geographic Location and Mobility of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the US

Name: John Harrison
Position: Lecturer In Human Geography
Institution: Loughborough University, UK
Title of Research: In what sense a new non-state space: the case of the Atlantic Gateway city-region

November 2012 round

Name: Dieter Kogler
Position: Lecturer
Institution: University College Dublin, Ireland
Title of Research: International Knowledge Flows and Spillovers and the Evolution of National Technology Trajectories

Name: Heather Stephens
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: California State University, USA
Title of Research: Understanding U.S. college graduate migration

Name: Elizabeth Mack
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Arizona State University, USA
Title of Research: Entrepreneurship and Technological Change: Understanding Entrepreneurial Usage of the Internet, Social Media and Virtual Reality Technologies

Name: Haifeng Qian
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Cleveland State University, USA 
Title of Research: Skills, Regions, and Entrepreneurship

May 2013 round

Name: Paula Portas
Position: Research Fellow
Institution: Cardiff University, UK
Title of Research: Financial Crisis, Regional Policy and the Construction of Territory: the Case of the Spanish Regions

Name: Paavo Monkkonen
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: University of California, Berkeley, USA
Title of Research: Suburbanization and the Changing Geographic Scale of Spatial Segregation in Mexico

Name: Andrew Brookes
Position: Lecturer
Institution: King’s College London, UK 
Title of Research: BRICs and Region Building in Africa: The Nacala Logistics Corridor

Name: Andrew Kythreotis
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Cardiff University, UK 
Title of Research: The spatial integration of climate change adaptation governance in the UK: the efficacy of a (city-) regional politics?

November 2013 round

Name: Rory Horner
Position: Lecturer in Globalisation
Institution: University of Manchester, UK
Title of Research: Local pharmaceutical production in East Africa: south-south production networks and the state

Name: Julie Tian Miao
Position: Research Fellow
Institution: University of St Andrews, UK
Title of Research: The Disjuncture of National and Local Policy Strategies in Chinese Cities: Exploring the Interface of Affordable Housing Strategies and Human Capital Market

Name: Alex Schafran
Position: Lecturer 
Institution: University of Leeds, UK
Title of Research: Developing Impact-Driven Megaregional Research: Northern England after the Northern Way

Name: Igor Calzada
Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Institution: University of Oxford, UK
Title of Research: The Future of the City‐Regions <> Comparative Territorial Benchmarking & Connections

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