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The Regional Studies Association runs a programme of international conferences and events based on excellence that has been growing steadily over the years and plays a major role in the Association’s aim in supporting its members disseminate their research. These events also create debates and offer opportunities for those who wish to be part of a community where high quality events are also the place to network within a friendly atmosphere, present their work to international audiences and strengthen their careers.

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From Vulnerable Places to Resilient Territories: The Path to Sustainable Development - Fortaleza, Brazil

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Wales and Recession: Speculation, Economic Inequality & Working Lives

Let Them Eat Cake: Speculation, Economic Inequality and Working Lives by Professor Ross MacKay, Bangor University.

‘When the capital development of a country becomes a by-product of the activities of a casino, the job is likely to be ill-done’. Keynes 1936.

‘Why did nobody notice it?’ The Queen, 2008.

2008 marked the beginning of the deepest and longest recession of modern times.  While its causes are to be found in centres of economic and political gravity beyond Wales, its effects on the Welsh economy and on the lives of the people of Wales have been profound and far reaching. 

Full employment was for many years the all-important target of economic policy. Contained inflation became and remained the key objective from the late 1980's. This paper considers the shift from a sellers' to a buyers' market for labour and from conditions of full employment to low opportunity. It does so in the context of growing inequality between both people and places that develops over time. The Great Recession, dating from 2008, points to the dangers when speculative investment overtakes and substitutes for enterprise investment. Market forces work strongly against certain groups in society and leave gaps in the community and economy that people struggle to bridge.

This seminar series aims to examine the impact of the recession on social and economic life in Wales; and to take stock of the policy responses in Wales in the context of a Westminster government committed to austerity measures.

Seminars will begin with a drinks reception at 5.30pm, followed by a presentation at 5.45pm, with time for Q&A before a 6.30pm finish.


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