Posted on: 6 December, 2018
Application deadline: December 21, 2018

Research opportunity: exploring the experiences of disabled ex-defendants, Equality and Human Rights Commission, UK

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is looking for researchers who may be interested in undertaking qualitative research to explore the experiences of ex-defendants with mental health conditions, learning disabilities, acquired brain injuries or neurodiverse conditions at the pre-trial stage in England and Wales.

More specifically, the Commission is looking to explore disabled people’s experiences of, and the issues around, the following:

  • The identification of disabled defendants’ needs
  • The accommodation of those needs through reasonable adjustments
  • The nature of disabled defendants’ participation in pre-trial procedures.

The pre-trial stage (the period from charge through to trial) is a critical one for defendants. During this time, decisions may be taken to detain individuals on remand, pleas may be entered, and provisions may be put in place to ensure that individuals are able to engage with their trial. The pre-trial process can define or affect defendants’ broader interactions with the criminal justice system in England and Wales.

The invitation to tender should appear on the Commission’s Procurement Portal next week. If your organisation is not already registered as a supplier on ProContract, you may want to register in advance.