Posted on: 15 July, 2019
Application deadline: September 23, 2019

PhD studentship opportunity:Trajectories of immigrants and their children, University of Liverpool, UK

Title: Understanding and Predicting the Long-term Labour Market and Migration Trajectories of Immigrants and Their Children in the United Kingdom


This PhD project will investigate how the educational and employment trajectories of immigrants and their children in the UK evolve and interact; and, how factors related to their residential environment, early life context and critical life transitions shape these trajectories. Methodologically the project will involve the use of ESRC data, and it seeks to innovate by producing a set of indicators to measure how `well’ British cities assimilate immigrants, and developing a machine learning model to predict immigrants’ wage and occupational outcomes. Findings are expected to guide policy interventions to support successful labour market integration, and ultimately reduce inequality and improve social cohesion.

The project is fully funded for 4 years involving a 1+3 studentship: 1 year of Master’s training and 3 years of PhD programme. The successful candidate will need to complete the Geographic Data Science MSc of the University of Liverpool. During the course of this programme, the candidate will have a unique opportunity to develop relevant quantitative and computational geographical skills for the project as well as general transferable skills, such as coding and statistical data analysis.

The successful candidate will start the Geographic Data Science MSc on September 23rd, 2019. The candidate will be based atGeographic Data Science Lab (GDSLab), a world-leading research lab in spatial analysis and quantitative geography with strong publication record and international impact, which is part of the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Liverpool in Liverpool, UK. Currently the GDSLab hosts 25 PhD students, with 6 additional students joining in September, and it provides vibrant and supporting environment for PhD students.

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