Posted on: 15 April, 2019
Application deadline: May 27, 2019

İzmir Smart Specialization Strategy and Action Plan Preparation Service Procurement Work Updated Tender Announcement, İzmir, Turkey

The “İzmir Smart Specialization Strategy and Action Plan (İZS3) Preparation Service Procurement” work was previously tendered by our Agency with the purpose of specializing in areas İzmir has competitive advantage in to utilize the regional potential efficiently and to develop the competitive capacity of the region in line with R&D and innovation; however the tender was cancelled due to the lack of competition. The work shall be tendered once again by open tendering procedure.

 1) Contact Information of the Agency

a) Address:Şehit Fethi Bey Caddesi Birlik Plaza No:49/1 Kat:3, Gümrük, 35210 Konak/İzmir/TURKEY b) Phone and Fax: +90 232 489 81 81 / +90 232 489 85 05 c) E-mail Address:

2) Tender

a) Type: Service Procurement

b) Location: İzmir

c) Duration of Work: 12 months

4) Tendering Procedure, Location and Time

a) Procedure: “Open Tendering Procedure” specified in the Article 10 of “Development Agencies Goods, Services and Construction Work Procurement Tender Procedures and Principles and Regulations.”

b) Location: İzmir Development Agency Service Building

c) Bidding Deadline: 27.05.2019 Monday at 14.00

d) Session Date and Time: 27.05.2019 Monday at 14.30

4) Tender Participation Requirements and Requested Documents

Bidders satisfying the statuses below may participate in the tender:

  • Companies/institutions registered in Turkey
  • Companies/institutions registered in a country other than Turkey
  • Consortium partnerships comprised of companies or institutions registered in Turkey or in a country other than Turkey.

The bidders who will participate in the tender must have experience in industrial policy, R&D and innovation, digitalization, clustering, university-industry cooperation and competitiveness. It is preferable that the bidders are experienced in the area of smart specialization strategy development.

The bidder shall establish a project team that consists of at least five members with professional qualifications and work experience on different areas of expertise. The coordination of the project team will be provided by the general coordinator. The team is expected to include experts in each of the areas of strategy development, methodology and fieldwork.

The requirements for participation in the tender, requested documents and criteria to be used in the competency assessment are available on Service Procurement For İzmir Smart Specialization Strategy and Action Plan Preparation Administrative Specifications.

5) Procurement of Tender Documents

The tender documents can be viewed free of charge at the İzmir Development Agency Service Building. The bidders are obliged to purchase the tender dossier for 500 TL/€ 100. The tender dossier can be provided in the following ways:

aHand-delivery: The bidders may purchase the tender dossier by hand-delivering their bank receipt for the tender document purchase price deposited to the bank account numbers stated below.

b) Mail delivery or cargo: The tender dossier may be posted to the notified address of the bidder in case the bank receipt for the Tender Dossier Request Form (Annex-1) and tender dossier purchase payment is sent to the Agency through fax, mail delivery or e-mail (

cVia e-mail: The tender dossier may be sent through electronic mail to the bidder in case the bank receipt for the Tender Dossier Request Form (Annex-1) and tender document purchase payment is notified to the Agency via e-mail (


In case of the purchase of the tender dossier by mail delivery, cargo or e-mail, it is obligatory for the signed Tender Document Notice of Delivery (Annex-2), which indicates that the technical and administrative specifications and annexes are received by the Agency in full, to be e-mailed to before the date of the tender for valid participation.

6) Agency Bank Account Information

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. Efes/İzmir Branch

  • TL: TR850001001333466260105071
  • USD: TR090001001333466260105081
  • EUR: TR950001001333466260105085

7) Bid Validity Period and Guarantees

a) The validity period of the bids must be at least 60 calendar days from the date of the tender.

b) The bidders shall be required to provide a bid bond no less than 3% of the bid price for the work subject to tender.

8) Place and Date of the Bids

The bids may be hand delivered to the İzmir Development Agency Service Building at Şehit Fethi Bey Cad. No:49/1 Birlik Plaza K:3 35210 Gümrük/İzmir/TURKEY or sent via registered mail or cargo until 27.05.2019, hours 14.00. The agency shall not be held responsible for any delays in the postage.

9) Acquisition of Information on the Procurement Process

The bidders may apply to İzmir Development Agency for further information related to İzmir Smart Specialization Strategy and Action Plan Preparation Service Procurement other than the information stated on the tender document and its annexes. It is essential that the bidders send their demands via e-mail to and a written statement shall be sent to all purchasers of the tender document through a weekly e-mail.

10) It is to be understood that the Agency is not subject to the provisions of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 and the State Procurement Law No. 2886 in accordance with “Development Agencies Goods, Services and Construction Procurement and Tender Procedures and Principles” Article 17, Paragraph (h); that the Agency is free to decide whether or not to announce a tender for goods and services procurement that the bidders cannot make any claims from the Agency in case the tender is completely or partially canceled.

Annex-1 Tender Document Request Form

Annex-2 Tender Document Notice of Delivery

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