Posted on: 11 July, 2019
Application deadline: September 1, 2019

International PhD Programme in Architecture, “Mediterranea” University of Reggio Calabria, Italy

The PhD Programme in “Architecture” integrates basic and applied research methodology with an interdisciplinary and intersectorial perspective, combining the fields of architecture, urban planning, economic development, urban design, restoration, technology and industrial design. The research activities are underpinned by a strong international university network, aiming at increasing the international exposure of students in theglobal academic and non-academic arena.

The Programme, organised in two curricula:

“Architecture, Theory and Design” “Urban Regeneration”

responds to the increasing demand for highly qualified researchers with an international horizon and well integrated theoretical and practical competences in addressing complex architectural, territorial and urban issues. In response to this demand, the educational objectives of the Programme are to train qualified researchers able to tackle contemporary problems with theoretical and practical approaches to the analysis, design and development of architectural projects and urban regeneration initiatives.

The PhD Programme in “Architecture” is connected with the Research project “Transition with Resilience for Evolutionary Development” (TREnD) funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions 2018. It also benefits from the ‘Erasmus +’  inter-institutional agreements with a broad partnership of foreign universities for the exchange of students.

For the eligible PhD candidates, highly autonomous, critical and specialised research abilities, competences and knowledge are desirable as required by the complexity of research domains.

Research Topics

Curriculum 1 “Architecture, Theory and Design” The Curriculum in “Architecture, Theory and Design” aims to provide PhD students with innovative tools in the architectural research field as well as architectural project management abilities. The research topics pivots around the architectural paradigms,including:

  • Architectural space: structure and composition
  • Housing models
  • Representation of the built heritage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Theory and history of architecture
  • Building regeneration and structural redevelopment
  • Building safety assessment
  • Theoretical and operational aspects of the architectural project

The Curriculum combines the contributions of the various disciplines, that are integrated in a complex vision. The resulting research outcomes aim to respond to the complex architectural challenges through the sustainability approach in response to the current knowledge demand for the built environment.

Curriculum 2 “Urban Regeneration” The Curriculum in “Urban Regeneration” aims to expand the PhD students knowledge and skills on the concepts of innovative urban regeneration approaches, increasing the potential for place-based innovation towards local economic development. Its mission is to encourage in-depth research and to promote critical and theoretical reflection in accordance with the following research topics:

  • Urban policy and planning
  • Urban landscape
  • Urban regeneration
  • Economic development
  • Economic policy and planning
  • Valorization of cultural heritage and historical centres
  • Mixed-used approach
  • Place-making approach
  • Real estate
  • Local enterpreneurial processes

The resulting research outcomes aim to seek new approaches in delivering and implementing integrated urban policy approaches and local economic development strategies aligned with the integrated urban sustainable development paradigm.

TREnD Project (Horizon 2020)

The aim of TREnD Project is to strengthen territorial capacities through the logic of urban-rural connections in triggering and implementing Transition Management strategies towards “resilience-building” processes. It is finalised to combine Transition Management with Resilience for Evolutionary Development (TREnD) of different territorial contexts. It is expected to produce a novel concept encompassing “resilience-building” processes and Transition Management strategies based on the Evolutionary Economy’s assumptions.

Among the PhD applicants only 4 will be selected to take part in the TREnD Research Project.

The selected PhD students will spend 12 months in the US at the Northeastern University in Boston and at the Louisiana Tech University. During this period, the PhD students are required to attend classes on Economic Policy and Planning (Micro economics, Macro Economics, Regional economics), Statistics and Innovation policy, and pass the final exams set for each classes.

Besides, they will be required to develop a Final Dissertation strictly related to the TREnD research themes:

  • Applied Economic policy and planning approaches
  • Transition management as a new urban planning practice –
  • Evolutionary economy-based general framework
  • Resilience as governance process
  • Urban and territorial transformation
  • Innovation policies
  • Transition management and resilience in evolutionary approach
  • Spatial Planning
  • Innovation
  • Resilience Building capacity

TREnD Project Coordinator: Professor Carmelina Bevilacqua

International Partners

The International PhD Programme in “Architecture” is characterised by a strong international dimension aimed at increasing the global exposure of PhD students. The Programme allows to spend at least a 12 months’ period abroad at the International partner universities listed below. Furthermore, it will be possible to spend an extra 3 months’ period at other non-partner universities. The PhD students that will be selected to participate in the TREnD Project will spend a mandatory period of 12 months at he Northeastern University and Louisiana Tech University, and develop their Final Dissertation in line with the thematic objectives of the TREnD Project.

International Partners Universidad de Sevilla (ES) Universidad de Vallalolid (ES) Saleh Boubnider Constantine 3 University (DZ) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES) Lisbona University (PT) Utrecht University (NL) (TREnD Research Network) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR) (TREnD Research Network) Northeastern University, Boston, MA (USA) (TREnD Research Network) Louisiana Tech University, LA (USA) (TREnD Research Network) KU Leuven, Leuven (BE)

Key Information

The official call for application will be released in July 2019 and the deadline for the application will be after 30 days following the official announcement on the University website. We encourage planners, architects, economists, political scientists, urban designers, civil and transportation engineers, human geographers and other social and environmental scientists from EU and non-EU countries to apply.

Duration: 3 years Funding Amount: EUR 46.029,84 (3 years) see the “Funding” section Level of Study: PhD Programme Scholarships: 8 PhD Programme Coordinator: Professor Francesca Fatta

Admission Requirements

Academic Criteria: Candidates must hold a Master degree at the date of the application Citizenship: European and non-European candidates of any nationality without restrictions Language: English. TOEFL with a score of 79-80 is required The candidate who doesn’t possess this certificate must acquire it within the first year of the PhD Programme


The total amount of the Scholarship is EUR 46.029,84* (for 3 years) organised as follows:

  • First Year: EUR 15.343,28;
  • Second Year**: EUR 15.343,28, plus a 10% of increment included to cover PhD students’ research activities (national and international conferences, seminars, workshops)
  • Third Year: EUR 15.343,28, plus a 10% of increment included to cover PhD students’ research activities (national and international conferences, seminars, workshops)

*The scholarship is increased by the 50% (of the monthly rate) for the months spent abroad by the PhD Students

** The PhD students selected to participate in the TREnD project will be funded with a secondment of EUR 2.100,00 per month to cover their living and mobility expenses, as established by the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions – RISE scheme.

How to Apply

Applicants must apply through the Università “Mediterranea” website, by the deadline announced in July. Applications received after that deadline will not be accepted.

The PhD applicants must choose only one curriculum between “Architecture, Theory and Design” and “Urban Regeneration” and then upload the following documents:

  • A Research Proposal (no more than 2500 words including an abstract of no more than 150 words) relevant to the research topics (see the “Research topics” section). The proposal should provide details of the academic rationale for the research and the proposed research strategy. It is suggested to use the following four headings in the research proposal:

1. Aims and purpose of the research; 2. Overview of the academic literature relevant to own field; 3. Proposed Methodology; 4. Academic contributions of your research to the discipline;

  • Cover Letter;
  •  At least two Reference Letters from academics with whom the applicant has already carried out research activities;
  • The Curriculum Vitae;

ONLY FOR NON EUROPEAN APPLICANTS: Master degree and academic transcripts must be translated and legalised by the Italian Embassy or Consulate at their home country. The application form, cover letter, research proposal, reference letters, CV and other documents must be  uploaded and submitted through the GOMP platform ( within the deadline. Details about this procedure will be provided by the official call for application.

Application Deadline: September 2019

IMPORTANT! Applicants will be selected on the basis of their CV, the reference letters, their research proposal and their knowledge of English, through an interview. The interview will be carried out in person at the Mediterranea university, but for candidates located more than 700km away from the university at the time of the interview, a skype interview will be admitted.

Further Information

For more information please contact: Professor Francesca Fatta – Professor Carmelina Bevilacqua – Professor Paola Raffa –

IMPORTANT! This is ONLY a PRE-INFORMATION, the OFFICIAL CALL FOR APPLICATION will be released by the Università Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria between July and August 2019. The deadline will be after 30 days starting from the launch of the call. You will find the complete Official Call for Application on the following website:

Original Call (pdf)