We are looking for a full professor who can strengthen our profile in the multidisciplinary and shifting field of anthropology and development studies. You will push the intellectual boundaries in studying societal change as well as contribute to decolonising change by making our department a place to rethink and craft alternative, more inclusive futures in response to numerous national and global challenges and opportunities.

We are specifically looking for a team player with interdisciplinary and intersectoral skills who will act as a beacon of inspiration and source of intellectual support, rather than a distant star. As a professor, you should be ready for a role as standard bearer in your contact with the media, international academic networks, faculties and universities. In order to advance our commitment to decolonizing change, we especially value candidates with professional experience and networks outside of academia.

To advance our  commitment to decolonising change, you will be expected to contribute to four core areas (teaching, research, societal impact, and management and academic leadership) and have professional experience and networks outside of academia.

You will deliver and develop high-quality, innovative and impactful teaching to students across the curriculum. When developing new courses, you will have a clear vision on educational innovation, in particular on creative and blended learning methods. You actively contribute in this way to preparing students for their professional future roles as researchers and/or stimulators of change. Finally, you will promote further internationalisation of the degree programs, and make your expertise available to the AMID post-graduate Programme.

You will conduct and inspire cutting-edge research in the ADS field with publications in leading academic journals and books, as well as supervise research by junior researchers (PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers). You will be expected to contribute to strengthening the research programme by unpacking the actors, networks and policies underpinning societal change. You will also play an active role in, and contribute to, the multidisciplinary RSCR research programme, which various disciplines participate in.

You will be expected to have extensive experience with the co-creation of knowledge, bringing together academic and societal partners, such as non-government organisations, welfare assistance organisations, and companies. To advance this, you will be expected to be part of multiple academic and societal networks, actively contributing to the co-creation of knowledge and practices in wider societal contexts, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Key to your academic leadership style is a commitment to carry out  together with ADS management (department chair and programme director), staff and faculty. You will consider management as a group responsibility, and therefore share administrative work. Through your behaviour and values, you will promote an inclusive and socially safe work environment, as well as actively stimulate talent development and team spirit. You will commit to living in or near Nijmegen, participating in Dutch society and learning the language (if not a Dutch speaker).

For a full profile of this position, see the file attached below.