Posted on: 13 June, 2019
Application deadline: August 31, 2019

Doctoral position, Universität Bremen, Germany (East Europe language req)

Project: “Rebalancing the Enlarged Single Market (RESiM)”

that is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Austrian FWF, and conducted in cooperation with the University of Salzburg (Prof. Dr. Michael Blauberger) there is a doctoral position for a political scientist (or related) advertised.

Deadline is Sept. 30, but the position can be filled earlier.

Please find the full advertisement here:

Project Description:

With Eastern enlargement, the socio-economic heterogeneity within the European Union increased significantly. Labour migration has become a highly salient political issue within the EU. In the UK, the criticism of intra-EU mobility was central for the decision to leave the EU. In this project we analyse the social rebalancing in the enlarged single market by considering three forms of atypical labour migration: marginal employment, solo self-employment and posted work. Focusing on three old (Germany, France, Austria), and two new member states (Poland, Slovenia), the project studies which kind of new social compromise are established and where its challenges lie. We go beyond existing EU legislative and transposition studies by examining the interactions of the three branches of power at the EU and domestic levels. Are political compromises on social rebalancing challenged judicially? How well versed are member state administrations to control social dumping through atypical work, and how do different economic actors position themselves in between social protection and the EU’s economic freedoms? The comparison among different forms of atypical work and different member states promises to provide important guidelines for the successful rebalancing of the enlarged single market.