Posted on: 7 November, 2018
Application deadline: December 17, 2018

Call for papers, 1st BURENet Scientific Workshop, VUB, Brussels, Belgium

Call for communications

1st BURENet Scientific Workshop

VUB, Brussels, December, 17, 9h30-14h00

We are a community of several university professors, researchers, doctoral students in Belgium who carry out research anchored in economics with an interest in regional and urban issues. Surprisingly, it is during these international meetings that we more often have the opportunity to share and exchange ideas about our research. Belgian events on these topics are rare and rarely push ambitions beyond the strict academic and scientific discussion. We believe that something must be done to meet research needs and further stimulate research ideas, so we intend to start with something cool and keep it rather informal!

We are very happy to invite you to submit papers for what will be the First Scientific Workshop organized by the Belgian Urban and Regional Economists Network (BURENet).

Expected full communications or abstracts can be located in economics and examine questions strongly linked to the regional or urban contexts and/or issues. Their focus can be on innovation and entrepreneurial processes, mobility, public finance, scientific policy, labor markets… This list is indicative and certainly not exhaustive. The main goal is to come together to discuss science, with reference to economics and regional and urban issues, all in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere.

If you are interested, please send to us your full communications or abstracts before November 23, 2018. We will come back to you very quickly afterwards with our decision and further details.


UNamur & UCLouvain

Nicola Francesco DOTTI




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