Posted on: 11 April, 2019
Application deadline: October 24, 2019

4th International Conference on Border Studies: Gendered resilience at the border, Mexico/Texas, USA 24-25 October 2019


4th International Conference on Border Studies

October 24th, 2019 – Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico October 25th, 2019 – Edinburg, Texas, United States

 Gendered resilience at the border

Call for Abstracts


  • Federica Bono, Old Dominion University
  • Alonso Varo Varo, Christopher Newport University
  • Lauren Reynolds, Christopher Newport University

In a constant state of transformation, the borderlands are a space for political, economic, societal, and cultural negotiation and change. Whether porous or closed, borders around the world influence and produce border communities, many members of which are especially vulnerable to such changes. Moreover, political borders can cut across or display existing boundaries of class, ethnicity, race, and gender, increasing the vulnerability of marginalized demographics. By co-constructing and co-constituting border dynamics and fluidity through everyday practices, bordercrossers and those living within the border region may respond directly or more subtly to the (social, cultural, political, economic, ecological, territorial etc.) barriers that borders pose to their lives.

Professors, researchers, students, and the general public interested in Border Studies topics are invited to participate in this conference.

Our goal is to generate a space for exchange of research and socialization among those interested in issues related to global borders around the world.

We encourage papers that consider any global border as well as theoretical papers on the ideology of borders more generally and how borders and borderlands help us understand broader global issues.

The proximity to the border of our locations in Mexico and the US is a special opportunity for scholars and researchers from the US and Mexico to collaborate in a unique geographic region on the important and timely issues related to borders. We aim to encourage working together across borders to find solutions to some of the most important economic, social, and ecological problems we face today.

Please direct all questions to Caroline Miles at

This panel addresses challenges and resistance to or negotiation of gendered border dynamics in an effort to understand how borderlands subjects contest and transform instituted gender norms. In an attempt to conceptualize borders as manifestations of gender relations, this panel invites contributions from across disciplines and geographic areas that investigate gendered resilience and/or resistance within the borderlands. Theoretical reflections from feminist and decolonial perspectives on the ideology of the border, empirical case studies, literary and/or cultural studies are all welcome.

To express your interest in joining the panel, please send a short paragraph outlining your work and contribution to Federica Bono (, no later than April 13th. The deadline for panel submissions is April 15. More information regarding the conference can be found here: