Posted on: 17 June, 2019
Application deadline: July 28, 2019

2 Scientia PhD scholarships for Long Term Care Insurance and Services in China, UNSW, Australia

UNSW Australia is recruiting two PhD students to work on our project on Long Term Care Insurance and Services in China. The students would receive full scholarship and career development support fund. The student will be supervised by Katja Hanewald (, Bingqin Li ( and Hazel Bateman (

PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project studies the development of long-term care insurance and services in China. The project will make three contributions:

  1.  We will document different models of long-term care service provision, funding and governing structure that have emerged in China.
  2.  We will analyse the costs associated with different long-term care arrangements.
  3.  We will analyse the scalability of different long-term care models to the level needed given China’s rapid population ageing. The project will be supervised by an interdisciplinary team of top researchers in the field.

IDEAL CANDIDATE We are looking for several candidates who are fluent in English and Mandarin have one or more of the following skills: – a degree in Economics, Actuarial Studies, Social Policy or a related discipline – very good statistical, actuarial or econometric skills – interested in Chinese social policies – interested in fieldwork in China

Past successful cases of the Scientia Scholarship can be found at: