Posted on: 29 April, 2019
Application deadline: May 17, 2019

13 PhD scholarships in Urban and Regional Development, Politecnico and the University of Turin, Italy

The doctoral programme in Urban and Regional Development comprises both technical and social-science disciplines concerned with urban and regional development issues, including human geography and urban planning.

This is a 3-year taught programme requiring students to attend classes, particularly during their first and second years.

Students interested in critical approaches to urban studies are warmly encouraged to apply.

Deadline is the next 17 May, h12 (Italian time).

All details on how to apply can be found here:

The call provides information related to PhD programmes, positions and scholarships available for upcoming PhD cycle, and modalities for taking part to the selection and exacting timelines. Selected applicants may benefit from scholarships assigned on a merit basis and the topic, depending on their position in the final ranking. Available positions are divided into:

  • Ordinary positions
    • Fully-funded PhD positions without predefined research topic;
    • Fully-funded PhD positions with predefined research topic;
    • Positions for PhD programme offered in apprenticeship format;
    • Positions without scholarship.
  • Reserved positions
    • Positions reserved to those recipients of scholarships, granted by governmental, national or international bodies, who are found eligible to be admitted in a PhD programme;
    • Positions reserved to students selected under specific international agreements in which Politecnico di Torino or Università degli Studi di Torino are involved;
    • Positions reserved to students graduated abroad;
    • Positions reserved to research fellows found eligible to be admitted in a PhD programme.

PhD candidates without scholarships shall comply with those same requirements provided for students with scholarship. They shall attend courses and carry out research activities, as provided by Academic Board.