Date and location

  •   June 5, 2014 - June 6, 2014
  •   History Centre of Municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece

Conference details

This workshop aims to attract participants engaged in relevant research from European regions, particularly in the wider area of the eastern Mediterranean. Keynote talks will be given by experts in ICT. Additionally, practitioners and local authorities from Greece and elsewhere have been invited to contribute their experience of using ICT to promote smart and green regional development. The expected outcome will be a collection of case studies and experiences on the role of ICT to facilitate smart and green regional initiatives, along with the identification of best practice and effective evaluation methods for diverse governance levels.

It is anticipated that this workshop will offer ample networking opportunities for participants as it will take place at the city centre of Thessaloniki where a number of smart and green initiatives are currently under way. Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece hosting Aristotle University, the largest University in the Balkans, while offering a plethora of options for tourism and cultural activities. Moreover, the workshop will share the activities of this Research Network and will also create new knowledge in the context of southern European regions affected by the on-going economic crisis fostering links with stakeholders and researchers which may lead to future collaborations. While this event is open to participants with any level of experience, early career researchers and PhD students within a range of disciplines are particularly encouraged to participate.

Research-in-progress, position, theoretical and completed papers  which are likely to generate discussion and new insights are encouraged for submission. Findings and recommendations should focus on policy and practice at various governance levels. This is a free event for all participants, but prior registration is required. Up to three travel bursaries of £150 are available for RSA Early Career Researchers, RSA student members and RSA associate (retired) members or those in bands B, C, D ( A non-exclusive list of workshop themes is the following:

  • User-Centred and Participatory Design of Services and Systems for Smart Cities
  • Innovation Labs, Experimental Test-Beds and Simulation Environments
  • Internet-Enabled Infrastructures and Services
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  • Stakeholder Involvement in Local and Regional Mobility Plans
  • Mechanisms for Motivating Behaviour Change
  • Service Innovation and Design to Support Smart Cities
  • Assessing Value and Impact of Smart Cities
  • Cloud Computing and Service Models for Smart City Solutions
  • e-Work and e-Business Applications
  • Information management and information systems issues
  • Planning and Design Challenges for Smart Cities
  • Mechanisms to Measure Quality of Life in Smart Cities
  • Security and Privacy Implications
  • Service Delivery and Logistics Planning for Smart Cities
  • Standardisation and Open Interfaces of Smart City Systems, Platforms and Applications
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Traffic Management
  • Smart Sensor-Based Networks and Applications
  • Case Studies and Innovative Applications for Smart(er) Cities


Those wishing to make a presentation at this workshop need to:

Submit a 250-400 words abstract by 15th March 2014 to
Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified by 11th April 2014  
Workshop presentation slides should be submitted by 16th May 2014

Keynotes will be presented by experts in ICT, Information Management, transport and regional development. Workshop organisers plan to publish an overview of workshop output in RSA Regions and have contacted academic journals to publish high quality papers in a special issue. The Research Network blog can be used to generate discussion before the workshop. For any queries contact the workshop organisers at


Scientific Committee

Prof. Panos Papaioannou
Dr David Allen
Dr Stan Karanasios
Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos


Local Organising Committee

Prof. Panos Papaioannou
Ioannis Politis
Georgios Demarelos

Committee for Sustainable Mobility – Thessaloniki Municipal Board


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History Centre of Municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece