Date and location

  •   December 16, 2013 - December 18, 2013
  •   Covel Commons Conference Center, University of California Los Angeles, De Neve Drive, L-16, Los Angeles, California, 90095-1492

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Plenary Speaker Biographies

Global economic integration, technological change, and rapid development in the emerging world economies are reshaping the world’s urban landscapes.   Rapid urbanisation is underway in many parts of the world, with new types of metropolitan areas emerging there; at the same time, existing major metropolitan areas are expanding their borders, changing their internal organisation, and being more deeply integrated into wider metropolitan regions.  These processes are bringing prosperity to many urban regions, but such prosperity is selective, with other areas finding it difficult to find new roles in the contemporary economy and hence suffering from outmigration and lower incomes.   The global urban world has thus opened up new forms of polarization and divergence in growth and incomes. Added to these diverse processes are pressures from such forces as climate change and citizen demands for participation and equity.  In this light, city-regions around the world are in need of innovations in infrastructure, urban governance, economic development strategies, and finance. At the same time, the obstacles to such innovations, from existing political arrangements, entrenched interests, segregation, and poorly adapted theories and models, are also very powerful. 

The Regional Studies Association International Conference 2013 on Global Urbanisation: Challenges and Prospects presents a timely opportunity to discuss these important issues, to establish the need and nature of future research imperatives, and to address the concerns and challenges confronting policymakers and practitioners.

Contributions are therefore invited which fit with the following themes and which are based on an original piece of research and are potentially publishable. Selection of abstracts will be based on originality and interest, subject balance and geographical spread.  The conference seeks published outcomes in RSA journals and book series. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words.

·         Urban/Territorial Politics

·         Governance of City Regions

·         State Centrism and Territorial Politics

·         The Geography of the Global Finance Sector

·         Institutions and Economic Development/Growth

·         New Digital Technologies and the City

·         Regional Policy in a Global World

·         Production and Employment in Modern Cities

·         Technology, Innovation and Networks

·         Ethnic Diversity and Segregation

·         Inequality

·         Neighbourhood Effects

·         Adapting Cities to Global Climate Change

·         International/Inter-regional Migration



Plenary Speakers 

Territory, Politics, Governance

Social and Economic Stratification and Urban Space

Patrick Le Gales, Science Po, FRANCE

Professor John Agnew, UCLA, USA


Professor Ananya Roy, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Professor Danny Dorling, Oxford University, UK

Urbanisation, Urban Growth and Urban Economic Development


Attendance Fee: £235.00 / $365.00

The fee includes all conference refreshments, drinks reception and gala dinner.

Professor Michael Storper, UCLA, USA

Professor Richard Florida – Creative Class, USA 


Conference Organisers

Conference Chair: Michael Storper, UCLA

Conference Organisers: Elizabeth Mitchell

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Covel Commons Conference Center, University of California Los Angeles, De Neve Drive, L-16, Los Angeles, California, 90095-1492