Image Sustainable Recovery? Rebalancing, Growth, and the Space Economy – London, UK

Date and location

  •   November 27, 2014 - November 28, 2014
  •   Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury, UK

Conference details

The Regional Studies Association Winter Conference 2014 presented a timely opportunity to establish the need and nature of future research imperatives, and to address the concerns and challenges confronting policymakers and practitioners. Papers and sessions addressed a broad research and policy agenda, including contributions from disciplines which offer relevant insights associated with the remaking of the world space economy and its shaping of our cities and regions. The conference covered themes such as:

  • Modelling and theorising the space economy: urban renewal and regional growth;
  • New approaches to agglomeration and the clustering of economic life;
  • The impacts of devolution and constitutional change on economic policy, and vice versa;
  • Cities, Regions, or City-Regions: searching for scalar and institutional fixes;
  • Post-suburbia and governance of metropolitan areas;
  • New industrial spaces of the 21st Century and the future of old industrial regions;
  • EU and OECD agendas for Smart, Inclusive, and Sustainable Economies;
  • The future of work and work-welfare regimes: labour market policy, flexibility, resilience or flexploitations?;
  • Creative city-regions and urban leadership;
  • The politics and policies of urban and regional austerity;
  • The lived experience of urban and rural change in times of austerity;
  • Social enterprise, the third sector, and alternative economic geographies;
  • Low Carbon Futures: Green deals and beyond;
  • Methodological challenges for studying crisis, austerity, and the space economy.


Plenary Speakers 

The conference's Plenary Speakers and Panels included:

Professor Ron Martin, University of Cambridge, UK

Professor Philip McCann, University of Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS

Panel Session 1: 

This Panel focused on policy and political challenges of creating the conditions for agglomeration and it's sustainability amidst the ongoing crises, austerity, and spatial restructuring of global economies.

Chair, Professor Martin Jones, University of Sheffield, UK
Professor Gillian Bristow, Cardiff University, UK
Professor Henry Overman, London School of Economics, UK
Professor Nancey Green Leigh, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, London School of Economics, UK
Professor Frank Eckardt, Bauhaus University, Weimar, GERMANY

Panel Session 2 'Policy Intervention':

Chair, Professor Peter Tyler, University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Andy Pike, Newcastle University, UK
Professor Ron Martin, University of Cambridge, UK 

Jacqui Ward, Deputy Director of Cities and Local Growth Unit, Department for Buisness, Innovation and Skills, UK
Richard Kenny, Head of Strategic Development, Birmingham City Council, UK
Andrew Carter, Center for Cities, UK
David Marlow, Third Life Economics, UK 

Closing Plenary Session:
Professor Michael Storper, London School of Economics, UK, Sciences-Po, FRANCE and UCLA, USA


Conference Photos

Photos of the Winter Conference can be accessed here. 

Conference Organisers

Academic Organisers
Professor Martin Jones, Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, UK  
Dr Pedro Marques, Cardiff University, UK

RSA Organiser: Elizabeth Mitchell 

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Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury, UK