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  •   April 11, 2013 - April 11, 2013

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Inaugural Territorial, Politics, Governance Lecture
AAG Conference, 10am Thursday, 4/11/2013 in Grand Ballroom Salon 1, The LA Hotel, Level 2

The Global Diffusion of Public Policy: Power Structures and Democratic Accountability

Professor Michael Peter Smith’s research focuses on the relationship between cities, the state, globalization, and transnationalism. He has published 23 books and over 80 academic articles over the past three decades. At this special session he will discuss the oligarchic diffusion of public policy:

“The global diffusion of public policies is never just the conduct of rational agents looking for the best solutions that “work,” but is always embedded in political and institutional interests.  Dominant models of policy diffusion tend to ignore the role of oligarchic wealth in policy diffusion. Oligarchic diffusion's defining feature is lack of democratic accountability. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's appropriation of the Mexican conditional cash transfer model for ending poverty undermined the political accountability of urban policy making in New York City. Some of the prevailing diffusion models elide the historically specific political and institutional interests driving the diffusion of the neo-liberal policy solutions now in global circulation.  Oligarchic diffusion is a dominant mechanism implicit in the other typologies.  Fortunately, elite-driven policy diffusion models are not the only game in town. More democratic modes of global policy diffusion exist and show promise of better things to come.”
The editorial team of Territory, Politics, Governance would like to invite RSA members present at the AAG to attend this special session organised by the RSA – further details here.

Territory, Politics, Governance is a new interdisciplinary journal from the Regional Studies Association. It is committed to the development of theory and research in territorial politics and the governance of space, creating a platform on which to explore the interface between territory, politics, economy, identity and the organisation of political space.

We look forward to seeing you there. Please join us for drinks and danish during the break just prior to the lecture.

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