Date and location

  •   June 15, 2016 - June 17, 2016
  •   Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Conference details

This Call invites papers for the inaugural session(s) of the new RSA Research Network on ‘Smart City-Regional Governance for Sustainability’, which is thematically closely linked to the two conference strands ‘Smart Cities – Smart Regions’ (track A) as well as ‘Sustainable Cities and Regions’ (track D). We are expecting interesting topical cross-links with the papers in those two Strands.

The new RSA Network ‘Smart City-Regional Governance for Sustainability’ aims to explore meaning and practice of ‘smartness’ in city-regional governance, as it seeks to balance the competing quests for urban international competitiveness, national economic development, societal and territorial cohesion as well as environmental protection. This competition is understood here as sitting under the discursive umbrella of ‘sustainability’ as the overarching concept guiding this network. Sustainability thus addresses more than the often pre-eminent focuson climate-related challenges and policies. Instead, it is finding the ‘best-effective’ – and that of course, depends on established values, preferences, etc. – that circumscribes the scope for reconciling diverse interests and thus make the agreed agendas and practices sustainable as values and practices.

Based on that broader understanding of the complexity of ‘sustainability’, papers are invited that encompass one or more of the following main topics:

· the variety of (possible, explicit and implicit) meanings of ‘Smartness’
· different usage in varying contexts of city-regional governance for sustainability
· rationale for using the term ‘Smartness’ both in theory and practice
· evolution of the intellectual-political history of ‘Smartness’ both as a theoretical concept and practical policy
· claims to ‘Smartness’ in governance practices and rationales.

To participate in the inaugural session(s) of the RSA Network, please register and (at the same time) submit your abstract via the conference website. During the process of registering/submitting you can choose in which track or special session your abstract should be included. Please choose ‘Smart City-Regional Governance for Sustainablility’. Then, a decision will be made whether the paper is assigned to the inaugural session(s) or, alternatively e.g. to strand A. We want to put together strong, interesting and discussion-inducing sessions and are therefore particularly interested in papers with novel arguments and/or approaches to the topic of ‘Smartness’.

Please note that there will be no extra notification about acceptance of abstracts, as the sessions are part of the conference and will be managed through the conference organisers. The programme of the conference will be made available to all participants as a matter of course. Please also note the information on abstract guidelines, keynote speakers etc. provided by this website.

The deadline to submit abstracts and register for the conference is February 28th 2016. For further information on the new RSA Research Network, please visit the RSA website presenting its research networks: or contact: Gerd Lintz, Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development, Dresden, Germany; email:

How to get there

Atlanta, Georgia, USA