Regional and Industrial Policy: Europe, Brexit, and the Global Economy

This resource brings together high-quality research and emerging debates to inform future directions of policy and research. The site aims to build a cohesive community of policymakers, authors, researchers, and readers around a critical mass of up-to-date resources.

The Regional Studies Association is at the forefront of city and regional research and has reflected and shaped the policy agenda for over 50 years. The departure of the UK from the EU is likely to have significant consequences for regional policy, industrial strategy and the development of the UK’s cities and regions.

Here you will find the latest academic research, insightful blog posts, and key reports. These resources highlight new issues and pressing questions that need to be answered. In the rapidly shifting terrain of the post-Brexit world, this site will link to new resources, shed light on new themes and identify emerging conclusions.

Regional Insights

Regional Insights is a magazine published by the Regional Studies Association which seeks to make research findings from early career researchers more accessible to a wider audience. Complementing the Association’s existing publications, Regional Insights emphasises helping contributors to shape their research into a story which will entertain, engage and inform readers drawn from across academia, policy-makers and practitioners in the field of regional studies.

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