Regeneration, Enterprise, Sport and Tourism,  20-21 February 2018, Liverpool John Moores University

Call for Papers: 2nd International Workshop on: Regeneration, Enterprise, Sport and Tourism (REST), 20-21 February 2018, Liverpool John Moores University

The impacts of regeneration, new venue developments and enterprise initiatives aim to achieve lasting social and economic legacies in town and cities. To residents, communities and businesses in places that have seen increased public and private investments in sports and tourism, a number of critical issues and challenges arise. New facilities and infrastructures purpose built for sport and events, along with expansive tourism developments, are often perceived as ways to increase a destinations exposure. Spaces are transformed to accommodate the needs and demands of consumers and visitors, which has led to transitioning enterprise capacities based on altered consumption patterns in and around regenerated areas. While much work has assessed regeneration as a result of post-industrial decline, points of inquiry are shifting, putting more emphasis on social, intangible and local entrepreneurial impacts that will help shape a destination’s legacy. Building on the First International Workshop on Regeneration, Enterprise, Sport and Tourism that addressed issues of regeneration and post-industrial change, this second workshop attempts to look more closely at some of the deeper social issues impacting communities to address the question: who is regeneration for?

This workshop is concerned with positioning, developing and furthering debates into how regeneration has resulted in, for instance, new enterprise opportunities, or has generated a new sense of community among residents. Social issues are at the centre of contemporary discussions among researchers given inequalities linked to sport, tourism and enterprise opportunities–especially among local residents who experience the impacts of regeneration first-hand. There is a need to research the actual impacts of sport, events and tourism-led regeneration to understand if intended (or just perceived) opportunities have changed peoples’ lives, attitudes, rates of participation and overall economic position. Critical debates will address if the impacts of regeneration, subsequent investments, new developments and enterprise initiatives have had a lasting impact on local communities, the local economy and entrepreneurial activity. Moreover, there is a need to assess if more inclusive public policy initiatives are aiding and supporting residents to get involved to promote more socially and economically sustainable futures following the hosting of sporting events, or the building or new sport/tourism infrastructures.

This two-day international workshop seeks to discuss and analyse which regeneration initiatives have proved to be ‘successful’, and to distil what lessons have been learnt by focusing on social impacts, communities and notions of legacy. The organizers of the workshop welcome papers focusing on:

• The Enterprising City and Urban Entrepreneurialism

• Sport, Tourism and Development

• Sport and Regeneration and/or Tourism and Regeneration

• Social Legacy, Impacts and Community

• Urban and Regional Policy and Planning

• Public Policy and Inclusion/Exclusion Impacts

Please submit 200-250 word abstracts by 1 December 2017. Selected papers will be invited for full development and consideration in a special issue based on key themes developed from the workshop. Contact us at:

Nicholas Wise:

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