Polarisation, Fragmentation and Resilience, Hong Kong Baptist University, 29 Nov-1 Dec 2017

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Polarisation, Fragmentation and Resilience:  Four Urban Contexts Compared

Hong Kong Baptist University
David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies (LEWI)

Different economic, social and political trajectories have resulted in varying patterns of spatial fragmentation, which is related to factors such as access to employment, income and wealth inequality, housing affordability, and racial and ethnic segregation, and is informed in major part by their urban morphologies.

The conference represents an international collaboration to conduct comparative analysis on the nature and manifestations of urban socio-spatial polarisation, fragmentation and segregation in USA, South Africa, Hong Kong and mainland China, with a view to identifying policy initiatives to enhance urban resilience. In addition to paper sessions, a one-day field excursion to public housing estates and other neighbourhoods in Hong Kong will be held.


  1. To investigate the impacts of economic restructuring on access to and quality of employment, with special reference to the global trajectories of the above four urban contexts and the different experiences of polarisation and fragmentation that have resulted;
  2. To identify the distinct racial and ethnic dimensions that affect access to housing and employment, such as: in-migration from mainland China and elsewhere in Hong Kong; rapid urbanization in mainland China under hukou delineation; migration of Black South Africans into Cape Town and Pretoria since the end of Apartheid; and the changing patterns of racial segregation and international in-migration in Atlanta, in the context of state policies on migration, housing and employment that either exacerbate or moderate polarisation and fragmentation; and
  3. To decipher the nature and extent of urban resilience in coping with problems of polarisation and fragmentation.  

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