Trina Hamilton

United States

Trina Hamilton

Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University at Buffalo (SUNY)

I’m honoured to be joining the team of RSA Ambassadors to the United States, and I look forward to working with our existing members and welcoming new ones. My own research interests in regional studies are focused on: (1) green urbanism and sustainability planning in cities, and the intersections between green developments and gentrification; and (2) how regions become incorporated into so-called “ethical” markets and get coded as ethical production spaces. In terms of teaching, I teach both graduate and undergraduate courses related to international trade and economic globalization, and one of the overarching approaches to the material in these courses is the understanding of how so-called global processes actually operate at multiple scales, including the sub-national, regional scale. 

I look forward to helping develop opportunities for RSA members in the USA and beyond to collaborate on research and co-sponsor symposiums and other forums in order to contribute directly to policy debates on these and other important regional development topics.

Contact details


Department of Geography, University at Buffalo (SUNY), 105 Wilkeson Quad, Buffalo, NY, USA 14216

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