Dr Igor Calzada

University of Oxford, UK

Dr Igor Calzada



Languages: Spanish, English and Basque.

Websites: www.igorcalzada.com/about and www.cityregions.org


What project did the Early Career Grant allow you to pursue?

The Future of the City‐Regions <> Comparative Territorial Benchmarking & Connections (project in progress, more information to come).

What tips could you give for a successful Early Career Grant application?

Think regional and Act global.

How did this grant help you further your career?

RSA and this grant has supported my current ongoing research project 'Benchmarking Future City-Regions' by organizing great events and meeting the key authors in our field.

Could you share with us a few words on the application process and how supported you have been by the RSA?

RSA staff is very kind and helpful every time you need any support.


Igor's recent publication: Calzada, I. & Cobo, C. (2014) Unplugging: Deconstructing the Smart City,  Journal of Urban Technology, DOI: 10.1080/10630732.2014.971535. (On-line 6th January 2015)

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