Dr Alex Lo

Griffith University, Australia

Dr Alex Lo

Position: Lecturer, Griffith University, Australia (up to April 2015), Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong (from May 2015)

Institution: University of Hong Kong (from May 2015)

Languages: English and Chinese 


What project did the Early Career Grant allow you to pursue?

Beyond Neoliberalism? The Regional Carbon Markets in China and the Activity of Financial Industry

A vast environmental market is emerging from a non-traditional capitalist state, i.e. China. This research will analyse the regional carbon markets being developed in seven designated Chinese cities and provinces since 2013. It will focus on the variations in market activity across regions, their different development trajectories, regulatory arrangements, and the involvement of businesses, notably financial institutions. Findings will offer insights into the market development process by analysing the ways in which these regional carbon markets evolve and domestic financial players respond to institutional constraints. This research will build a solid scientific basis for a comprehensive assessment of the potential for regional market integration and the feasibility of establishing a national emission trading scheme within China’s unique political-economic context.


Full list of Alex's publications and his CV are available from: www.researchgate.net/home.Home.html

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