RSA Travel Grant

Apply for up to £500 funding towards your travel costs (transport only) to attend a non-RSA event. 

This grant is a fantastic opportunity to help you towards your travel costs to present your work, network and participate at world wide non RSA events within the field.

You must be a member of the RSA when applying and when the event takes place and be presenting a paper at the event in the field of regional studies (sub-national).

A maximum of two applications can be awarded per round. Those who are not successful are welcome to reapply.

Recipients of the travel grant must be a member of the Association at the time of the application and at the time of travel (non-members are encouraged to apply and join at the same time). Only one grant can be awarded every five years of membership. Please be aware that the event you wish to attend needs to be held a minimum of 6 weeks after the Travel Grant application deadline has passed. 

You can read reports from past RSA Travel Grant awardees in the section "Previous Awards".

Students and Early Careers are particularly encouraged to apply.


Forthcoming application deadline in 2016:

28th August, 3pm GMT

27th November, 3pm GMT 



Before the Event

Only one award at a time of a maximum of £500 will be provided per individual every five years;

A maximum of two applications can be accepted per deadline;

The recipient of the award must be a member of the Association at the time of the application, at the time of travel and claim. If not the claim will not be covered.

Individual members in any category will be refunded directly but members using their corporate membership will be refunded to the corporate body.

Only Travel costs will be covered.

The Association’s Chief Executive and one Trustee (to be decided from time to time) will take delegated decisions on the Travel Award;

The award is for the reimbursement of travel costs only, cannot be used in conjunction with any other Regional Studies Association conference bursary and is only valid for non RSA events within the field of regional studies;

The Association will only reimburse the sum budgeted in the application and agreed to in the award letter that will need to be signed by the Awardees. We therefore strongly encourage you to take out travel insurance to cover any other extra costs that may occur.

If the travel does not take place within a year of the award being provided, the application will then be cancelled and a new application will need to be submitted.

Permission to distribute marketing material from the Association must be confirmed by the organisers of the event for which the Travel Award sum will be used for prior to the money being awarded by the Association.

Awards will be considered on receipt of the fully completed application form (Part II).

Only one award will be provided to a member of the RSA per event (two if the event is exceptionally large) and the award will be considered on a first come first served basis.


During the Event

The person receiving the award will have the role of promoting the Association and its membership and must agree to take membership and other materials to the meeting and will need to contact the office at least 3 weeks prior to the event to request these materials. The office will then deliver to a convenient postal address for the event.

Successful applicants will also be sent two PowerPoint slides to add at the start of their presentation to acknowledge the Association and its support.

A list of the event’s participants (with their email address if possible) is to be provided to the Association as well as pictures of the event and of the RSA material being displayed.


After the event

 A 400 word report on how the money was used will have to be provided, prior to the repayment (the Association reserves the right to publish this report in its quarterly magazine Regions).

The Association will only refund claims that are backed up with original receipts attached to the Travel Award Claim and Report Form (III);

Claims are paid directly onto credit/debit cards so please provide credit/debit card number etc on the claim and report form below (III). If it is not possible to pay directly on a credit card then a bank transfer can be made but the fees for this will be taken from the sum to be repaid. Fees can be high – we recommend that claimants provide a credit or debit card.


In offering these awards, the Regional Studies Association is seeking to promote and encourage research and dissemination activities, both within and across trans-national borders and to further the overall aims and objectives of the Association.


Once you have completed each form please send them to

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