RSA Fellowship Research Grant Scheme

In 2015, the RSA Board agreed to introduce RSA Fellowship Research Grants (FeRSA) to the Association’s activity portfolio to support the research of established researchers and long-term RSA members.

Through the RSA Fellowship Grant Scheme the Association seeks to enable its members to undertake a piece of regional research and to assist with ensuring its contribution to regional understanding. All applicants are required to set out their dissemination plans not only through academic networks (e.g. conferences and publishing) but also to communities of policy and practice.

This award is open to Fellows of the RSA only. RSA Fellows are individual members who have been continuous members for a minimum of 5 years and who have also been defined as “active members”. This means that they have contributed to the life of the Association through serving on the Board or committees, have spoken at conferences, have applied for grants and other forms of funding etc. Fellows wear blue ribbons on their conference badges on which gold letters say FeRSA. Please email the membership team at to check your eligibility for this category of membership.

The RSA Fellowship Grants are provided to support a discrete piece of regional studies and/or regional science research. The value of the award is up to £7,500 (or its equivalent in dollars or euros). The award has a maximum time span of 18 months and reporting conditions apply.

The full Terms, application guidelines and Conditions governing the Grant are available in the Fellowship Research Grant Handbook.


Forthcoming application deadline: May 2018 (TBA)

The Expression of Interest needs to be emailed to

The Expression of Interest should include the following:

1. Applicant information details:

2. Title of the research project

3. Timings of the research

4. Summary - details of research and the advances it is hoped to make – word limit 500

5. Brief overview of costs and budget

6. 1-3 page CV

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