RSA workshop on the EU Cohesion Policy: Focus on The Territorial Dimension

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In just 24 years (1989-2013), the EU Cohesion Policy has shifted its main strategic intervention goals several times. In short, while in earlier times a stronger focus was put on (i) improving human capital; (ii) supporting companies; and (iii) building and modernizing physical infrastructures, the present development paradigm, expressed in the Europe 2020 Strategy (smart, sustainable and inclusive growth), highlights the need to develop a greener and more competitive economy, based on knowledge and innovation, while fostering a highemployment economy, which delivers social and territorial cohesion. This also reflects the Lisbon Treaty’s recognition that the European Union needs not only to promote social and economic cohesion, but also ‘territorial cohesion’. Yet, as the Territorial Agenda (TA2020) from 2011 expresses, ‘the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth can only be achieved if the territorial dimension of the strategy is taken into account, as the development opportunities of the different regions vary’. The same document (TA2020), highlights the need to deepen the territorial dimension of EU Cohesion Policy by ‘strengthening mechanisms which can ensure the territorial coordination of its interventions; improving the territorial dimension of all steps of strategic programming, evaluation and monitoring activities; ensuring scope for integrated place-based programmes and projects, and integrating different funds in regional strategies’. Achieving this, however, remains a major challenge. This workshop aims to further discuss this question and shed new light on three of the main aspects associated with the Territorial Dimension of the EU Cohesion Policy, for the next programming cycle (2014-2020).


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