Special Session 5: Housing and Urban Regeneration

Diverse Regions: Building Resilient Communities and Territories - Izmir, Turkey

Session Organisers:

Session organizers: Irene Shim (shimkyun@msu.edu) Michigan State University, USA
M.Vedat Pazarlioglu (mvpazarlioglu@gmail.com) Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey

At a time of changing economic and social conditions, many urban areas confront the challenges of quality housing and urban regeneration.  The process requires a much-needed platform for people--public officials, urban planners, architects, lawyers, academics, community leaders, and political party representatives--to participate in public policy systems with transparent consulting, regulation and supervision. 

This session will examine ways that planners and communities undertake regeneration in the context of citizen participation, environmental protection, and community ties.  Papers are welcome that address questions about housing markets and redevelopment, the evaluation of urban regeneration policies and case studies, and the role of community action in the regeneration process.  Specific issues may include, but are not limited to, the following:

How do regeneration processes affect the lives of residents and the ability to maintain community identity?
What is the impact of regeneration on local housing markets and the value of property?
What are the equity and social justice issues raised by regeneration processes?

Submission Guidelines

Anyone interested in participating in the session should register for the conference before April 6th 2014 by clicking here and follow the link. Please ensure that your abstracts are no longer than 800 words, text only. If you have any questions regarding this special session, please contact the session organisers on the email addresses provided. 

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