Special Session 3: Critical Studies of Urban and Regional Development

Diverse Regions: Building Resilient Communities and Territories - Izmir, Turkey

Session Organisers:
Tomas Mitander, Karlstad University, Sweden (tomas.mitander@kau.se)
Line Säll, Karlstad University, Sweden (line.sall@kau.se)
Andreas Öjehag-Pettersson, Karlstad University, Sweden (andreas.ojehag@kau.se

The conference theme of resilient regions stresses the need for cities and regions to strive for diversity and sustainability in order to achieve forms of growth that is less sensitive for external chocks such as the ongoing financial crisis. In this special session we depart from an understanding where practices that aim to foster and enhance resilience, as well as growth in general, are understood as nested in (re)configurations of power relations – and thus not considered politically neutral.

Therefore we wish to invite scholars to discuss, analyze and interpret the current trends within regional development using a critical perspective where power and the political are common denominators. We welcome empirical case studies as well as methodological and/or theoretical papers that critically engage with contemporary issues and trends within urban and regional regimes. Our understanding of critical perspectives includes, but is not limited to, foucauldian themes such as questions of power/knowledge and governmentality analysis, post-structuralist discourse theory (PDT), critical discourse analysis (CDA), (post-) Marxist perspectives, feminist perspectives and post-colonial modes of analysis. 

Submission Guidelines

Anyone interested in participating in the session should register for the conference before April 6th 2014 by clicking here and following the link. Please ensure that your abstracts are no longer than 800 words, text only. If you have any questions regarding this special session, please contact the session organisers on the email addresses provided

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