Special Session 13: Regional and Local Development in Australasia

Diverse Regions: Building Resilient Communities and Territories - Izmir, Turkey

Session Organiser:
Andrew Beer (andrew.beer@adelaide.edu.au), the Universtiy of Adelaide, Australia 

This session seeks to present a ‘state of the art’ overview of regional and local development policy and practise in Australia and New Zealand. The deeply entrenched nature of neo-liberalism, globalization, environmentalism, changing skills requirements, and the impacts of climate change and Australia’s mining boom have all impacted on regional and local economies and associated policy and practise. These trends have encouraged both new policy and innovative research enquiries to try and reconceptualise what development at these levels means and how it can be achieved. While both countries share many historical and economic similarities there are difference in governance arrangements, funding practises and the nature of the respective urban systems which can alter regional and local interventions and outcomes. It is envisaged that the lessons derived from the Australasian experience will shed light on alternative development approaches and these will be of interest to academics and practitioners in the wider world.  


Submission Guidelines

Anyone interested in participating in the session should register for the conference before April 6th by clicking here. Please ensure that your abstracts are no longer than 800 words, text only. If you have any questions regarding this special session, please contact the session organisers on the email addresses provided. 

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