Special Session 11 (Closed Session): On Regionalism within International Law: A Themed Panel

Diverse Regions: Building Resilient Communities and Territories - Izmir, Turkey

Developing empirically-informed regional approaches within international law theory: Is the emergence of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and a Pan-African Court evidence of new and potentially resilient forms of regionalism (Grossraum?) within transnational legal regulation?

This panel relates to a number of themes of this conference including territorial governance & regional leadership; the role of institutions in regional development and, in particular, spatial justice and cross border cooperation. It also brings together a distinct pluralistic theoretical standpoint with two empirical case studies that both illustrate and challenge the received theoretical Grossraum model created by the “realist tradition” in international law and relations. Our panel will critically assess this general theoretical model for resilient forms of legal-constitutional governance and regulation. This model is assessed both in itself and - crucially - in relation to its adequacy and sufficiency for conceptualising the evolution of two new regional bodies: namely, the SCO (2001 - ) and more embryonic current attempts to create Pan-African forms of legal governance and dispute resolution. These largely concern human rights issues, defined regionally mainly in terms of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights. Our themed presentations will include specific presentations on Grossraum Theory, (Michael Salter, UCLan), the SCO as both an example of a Grossraum and in part a challenge to traditional theory (Yinan Yin, UCLan), and the extent to which Pan-African legal institutional developments signal early stages of regional governance centred in part around the African Union. (Allwell Uwazuruike, UCLan) Could a sub-regional body like ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) also feature in this Pan-African development. The panellists are all conducting research at Lancashire Law School, UCLan, UK.

Closed Session

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