Special Session 1: The Nature of Innovation Dynamics in Socio-Ecological Transformation Processes

Diverse Regions: Building Resilient Communities and Territories - Izmir, Turkey

Session Organisers 

Anna Butzin, Institute of Work and Technology, Germany (Butzin@iat.eu)
Professor Simone Strambach, Philips University Marburg, Germany (simone.strambach@staff.uni-marburg.de

Building resilient regions requires a plethora of complex, highly innovative socio-ecological transformation processes centred on topics such as sustainable production and consumption, resource efficiency, new mobility concepts, inclusive societies, a diverse economy, etc.

To understand the innovation dimension of these transformations, it is necessary to broaden economically and technologically oriented mainstream analyses of innovation, and to integrate social and sustainable forms of innovation. Analyses under multiple concepts such as eco, environmental, sustainable and social innovation provide evidence on a different nature of such complex innovation dynamics which are not comprehensively understood. Taking resilient regions and socio-ecological transformations as a starting point, the session invites scholars who have captured such a broad view upon innovation dynamics in their research to present their findings

Contributions are welcome which offer theoretical and empirical insights related to one or more of the following research questions

Submission Guidelines

Anyone interested in participating in the session should register for the conference before April 6th 2014 by clicking here and follow the link. Please ensure that your abstracts are no longer than 800 words, text only. If you have any questions regarding this special session, please contact the session organisers on the email addresses provided. 

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